1/8 Inch Graph Paper Printable Template

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable graph paper, our 1/8-inch graph paper is the perfect solution. You can find out the best results with this graph paper template.

What is the 1/8 Inch Graph Paper?

1-8 Inch Graph Paper

The 1/8-inch graph paper is a paper in which 1 square inch mark is divided into 8X8 squares that measure 1/8 inch on each side.

This graph paper is commonly used by people who need to create small, precise drawings or diagrams.

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What is the Use of 1/8 Inch Graph Paper?

You might need to use the 1/8-inch graph paper for many reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Creating small, precise drawings or diagrams
  • Making calculations or taking measurements
  • Plotting data points on a graph
  • Designing or drafting a blueprint

Which Paper is Good for 1/8 Inch Graph Paper?

The type of paper you need to use is a matter of personal preference. However, we recommend using smooth, white paper for the best results. Depending on your needs, you can also use lightweight or heavy-weight paper.

How to Print the 1/8 Inch Graph Paper?

To print the 1/8 inch graph paper, you will need to use a printer capable of printing on this type of paper. Most printers should be able to handle this type of paper without any problems. However, if you have trouble printing on the 1/8 inch graph paper, you may need to adjust your printer settings.

Below is the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow:

Step 1: Choose the paper size

The first step is choosing the paper size you want to use. You can either use a standard letter-size paper or a legal-size paper. If you use a traditional letter-size paper, you need to set your printer to print on “custom” paper size.

Step 2: Set the printer margins

The next step is to set the printer margins. For the best results, you should set the top and bottom margins to 0.5 inches and the left and right margins to 0.75 inches.

Step 3: Choose the orientation

The third step is to choose the orientation of the paper. For the 1/8 inch graph paper, you will need to select the “portrait” orientation.

Step 4: Set the scale

The fourth step is to set the scale of the printout. For the 1/8 inch graph paper, you must select the scale to “100%”.

Step 5: Print the graph paper

Once you have completed the steps suggested above, you are ready to print the 1/8 inch graph paper. Click on the “print” button, and your printer will start printing the graph paper.

What is the the Paper Size of 1/8 Inch Graph?

The 1/8 inch graph paper size can vary depending on your printer or computer monitor. However, most 1/8 inch graph paper is printed on A4 or Letter size paper.


Finally, we can say that this 1/8 Inch Graph Paper is essential for those people who want to work on small and delicate projects. This graph paper helps them to get more perfection and accuracy in their results.

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