Hobbyist 1 20 Scale Printable Template

If you’re a hobbyist, you know that the 1:20 scale is the perfect size for many projects. At the same time finding such rulers are not accessible. To solve all the issues, this website has valuable rulers for you.

What is 1 20 Scale?

Hobbyist 1-20 Scale

The main concept of 1:20 scale is that it is a way to reduce the size of an object proportionally.

For example, if you have an object that is 1 meter long, on 1:20 scale, it would be 20 meters long in the actual. This size reduction can be applied to any entity, a toy car or a model airplane.

Use of Hobbyist 1 20 Scale

1:20 scale is often used for models and miniatures because it allows for a high level of detail while keeping the object’s size manageable. It is also a popular scale for Radio Control (RC) vehicles because it provides good ground clearance and is large enough to accommodate most RC parts and accessories.

Some people also use a 1:20 scale for gaming purposes. For example, the popular board game Warhammer 40,000 uses 1:20 scale models for its miniatures. It allows for a high level of detail and realism, which is essential for a good gaming experience.


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