Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm

We often find ourselves in a situation where having a printable ruler is necessary. Sometimes we need to measure something, and we don’t have a tape measure. Other times, we must ensure something is precisely the right size before cutting it out. Whatever the reason, there are many printable ruler options available online.

What is Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm?

It is the most standard ruler size you will find in stationery stores and is ideal for general use. The markings are in both inches and centimeters, so it is perfect for those who need to measure in metric and imperial units.

A printable Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm is a beautiful thing for those who need to do a lot of measuring. This is because you can print out as many copies as you need. Keep it in a handy place so that you never have to go without a ruler again.

Use of Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm?

Following are the essential uses of Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm:

There are endless situations when it comes to using a ruler. You can use it for school, home DIY projects, or even everyday tasks like measuring your height or the width of a door frame.

Many people also use rulers for things like drawing straight lines or ensuring that picture frames are level. If you need to measure something, a ruler is likely the tool you will need.

Ruler 12 Inch by 16 With cm

Printable Ruler 12 inch by 16 with centimeters is a type of ruler used for measuring objects 12 inches long, and every inch is divided into 16 parts, along with a cm mark on the other edge. Engineers and architects typically use this type of ruler to measure objects precisely.

Advantages of Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm

Using a Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm has many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • They are incredibly affordable. You can download it for free from this website.
  • They are small and compact, so they are easy to store away when you are not using them.
  • They are perfect for those who need to measure in both metric and imperial units, as the markings are in both centimeters and inches.
  • There are wide varieties of printable rulers available, so you can find one that suits your specific needs.

How to Print Ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm?

You don’t need to try anything new to print this ruler.

The first download is the ruler provided on this website. All rulers are provided free of cost.

Once the ruler is downloaded, open it in any program that can read PDF files. Adobe Reader is a popular option, but many others are available.

Next, select the “print” option from the File menu. Check and ensure that your printer is turned on and connected to your computer, then click the “OK” button.

Your printer will now print out the ruler. You can use it just like any other ruler!


A ruler 12 Inch By 16 With cm is an excellent tool for those who need to do a lot of measuring. It will be beneficial for students working on a school project or a homeowner working on a home improvement project. Professionals can use it in their own way for their projects.

I hope everyone would gain the maximum benefit out of it. Feel free to write us if you have any queries.

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